Marketing On Social Media (Part 1)


Marketing On Social Media Part 1

Facebook is King

The follower base on Facebook makes it the perfect platform for marketing no matter the size of your business. With over a billion active users, people log in to share nearly every aspect of their lives. If you are looking to use Facebook as a marketing tool for your company there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Most Importantly, post content that your target audience needs.
  • Add Images to your posting to get more views.
  • Get involved! Remember it IS a social platform.
  • Use the 70/30 rules. 70% of the content should be about your Industry, 30% of content should be advertisements.

Twitter is Only Growing

How can you possibly grow your business 140 characters at a time? Well, it’s possible! With over 236 million active users on Twitter, your potential reach to share your brand with others just can’t be ignored. Before moving your marketing strategy to Twitter, here are a few things you should know:

  • Optimize your Twitter bio to ensure you are accurately expressing your brand
  • Tweet regularly! If your followers are following several accounts they may only see what has been posted in the last 5 minutes when they log in.
  • Be involved! Retweet, ‘favorite’ others tweets, and don’t be afraid to use hashtags.
  • People like visuals. Include videos and images every chance you can!

Insta-BAM! It Practically Showed Up Over Night

Who would have thought that Instagram could pass up Twitter? Instagram is proud to announce that they have surpassed Twitter with over 300 million users. Going viral in just 4 years, there are over 70 million photos posted daily. For the business that has a lot to ‘show’ their customers, this can be the perfect platform to do it, although it may not be ideal for every type of business. If using Instagram for your business, don’t forget to:

  • Engage with your customers in ways that coincide with the values of your brand, but don’t over-promote.
  • Build a community by creating an actionable hashtag to get your customers involved with your brand.
  • Don’t forget to interact with followers. They want to get to know the values behind your brand.
  • Don’t over post. Your followers don’t enjoy their feeds being cluttered.

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